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Welcome. I'm Brian Case, and I am a Pyrography artist living in the East Riding of Yorkshire. All my art is original, drawn by myself and each subject will never be repeated.


 To see all the pyrographs I currently have for sale click here -  Pyrography Shop  . 


     My artwork is always drawn on carefully selected wood, and while it is possible to pyrograph other materials, such as  leather, I use wood exclusively. 

    Most of my pyrography is commissioned directly by my customers and, aside from people portraits, I will draw any subject you like. I have been asked to draw  portraits of pets, treasured  classic cars, steam traction engines and railway locomotives, trucks, yachts and warships, to name but a few. The list of suitable subjects is endless. 

     You can read an explanation of what pyrography is (some of my customers had never even heard of pyrography before) by clicking the  "Pyrography Explained" tab at the top of this page, or click this link -    Pyrography. You can also see a short video of me creating a pyrograph on my YouTube channel, click this  - LINK


The wood I use is either beech veneered plywood which is better suited to be framed, or a section of a log - examples can be seen in the  Gallery   page of this website. I keep a range of wood species in stock, but if you have any favourite wood in mind, please feel free to ask - I can get most British woods fairly easily. Just bear in mind that very dark wood won't work! I have successfully used Yew, Ash, Cherry, Beech, light Oak, and Lime. 


  Not all of my work is commissioned, and all my non-commissioned pyrographs  are available for sale in the  Pyrography Shop or in my   Online Shop     where you can also view and buy any of the turned wood gifts that I make. 


The beautiful county of  Yorkshire provides an endless source of inspiration for my artwork, and all my newest ideas and gifts are displayed on the   what's new  page - it changes monthly, so be sure to keep checking it. 


Prices for commissioned work do vary depending on the size, but as a guide, the smaller log sections start from £35, and a framed pyrograph on plywood will start at £70. The bigger the artwork, the more detail I can draw, but it will take longer. When you enquire about commissioning a pyrograph, I will give you a firm price, not an estimate, which will include framing and delivery (Royal Mail) within the U.K.  For more information click this link -   commissions and prices  . 


My contact details are at the bottom of this page.


Feel free to browse the rest of this website, and thank you for your interest. 


This pyrograph of an American steam locomotive was commissioned by the customer. Her feedback comments are below.

The artist did an absolutely amazing job on this pyrograph! I requested a custom order and he was great to work with and sent me pictures throughout the process. The final product is outstanding- I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a unique and original piece of artwork that can't be replaced! 


Daniela Milan (USA)



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